New Year, new goals? – my personal resummée

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Here I am again in the New Year! Today is the last day of the school holidays, Junior goes back to school tomorrow, my love is going to work again and for me it goes on again!
And you can read it everywhere in the different media and social media! New year, new goals, new projects, new intentions!

What about me?

During the Christmas holidays I’ve just simply continued my calories counting and my fitness programm! So for me it just goes forward on my weight loss journey!

I have cracked my inner target of 95,00 kg and now I’m going on with full motivation with my dumbbell training which I’ve started two months ago!

My new destination is targeted, my home fitness corner has been expanded with dumbbells, so that my hubby and me we can train hard on our fitness goals!!

Nutritionally there won’t be any changes!
The only change, as you have certainly noticed, is that I now write the posts in English! That’s how I get into practice again, because languages ​​are my passion too!

I still like to cook and eat, just a little more controlled!

I hope I can continue to motivate you and inspire you with delicious, simple, healthy recipes!
I wish for you that you also have a good start into the new year, have your goals in mind and you all stay healthy!

Thank you for being here!

Your Ela


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