Frittata with potatoes and bell peppers! Easy recipe, vegetarian

Frittata with potatoes and bell peppers

Deutsch Italiano Here I have for you a delicious and easy recipe for a tasty frittata! I love those simple dishes for every day, which you can change them as you like. The best thing about those dishes is that you don’t need a lot of time of preparation. This is a perfect choice for a healthy dinner for the whole family! This frittata with … Frittata with potatoes and bell peppers weiterlesen

Borlotti beans soup with pasta - A simple dish for cosy weeknight dinners - Vegetarian - Vegan

Borlotti beans soup with pasta

Deutsch Italiano Autumn is here! How beautiful! And I love to cook delicious and simple stews with this weather change! How about you? Since I have been back in the world of work for 6 weeks now, it has become very important for me to prepare good food during the week, but without spending so much time in the kitchen! Someone there who understands me? … Borlotti beans soup with pasta weiterlesen

Warm potato-spinach-salad with oven-baked Feta - A quick and delicious weeknight dinner!

Warm potato and spinach salad with oven baked Feta

Deutsch Italiano Today I have a recipe for a complete meal for you. I’ve had this meal on my weekly meal plans! I love this combination so much! Spinach and Feta cheese along with potatoes. So I put it all together on a plate and it’s so damn simple that it’s almost ridiculous to write a recipe for it. But most of the simplest things … Warm potato and spinach salad with oven baked Feta weiterlesen

Lasagna with red lentils - an easy, delicious and vegetarian alternative to the traditional Lasagna!

Lasagna with red lentils

Deutsch Italiano It’s Sunday and time for a new recipe from my kitchen! Today, according to my meal plans, I have a delicious lasagna for you! I love lasagna and not just the traditional lasagna with meat ragout! Also, the vegetarian alternative with a ragout of red lentils can be seen in any case and is just as delicious! Of course, I’ve made a few … Lasagna with red lentils weiterlesen

Chicken one-pot with bell peppers - Low-carb, low-fat and high-protein dish! Easy recipe!

Chicken one-pot with bell peppers

Deutsch Italiano This week I finally managed to edit a recipe from my meal plan from a week ago. This chicken one-pot with bell peppers or just Pollo ai peperoni is a dish that I know from my childhood and which I still love to make for my family! Chicken braised in a light tomato sauce with bell peppers. It smells so wonderful and it … Chicken one-pot with bell peppers weiterlesen

Oven-baked zucchini frittata! An easy dish, perfect for a quick weeknight dinner! Vegetarian!

Oven-baked zucchini frittata

Deutsch Italiano Frittatas should not be missed if you like quick and easy weeknight dinner. This delicious dish makes the whole family happy and you do not spend much time in the kitchen.  Absolutely perfect, if you don’t have so much time during the week as a working mum.  This zucchini frittata was on my meal plan on Monday. And today I’ll show you the result of this delicious dish.  And the best part is that this frittata is oven-baked. Good for you, you can do something else during this time!   Isn’t it wonderful?  PIN IT! Oven-baked zucchini frittata weiterlesen

Eggplant and feta cheese dip - Perfect for any occasion!

Eggplant and feta cheese dip

Deutsch Italiano I’m always looking for a good and tasty food. And I love dips and spreads. I am more a sort of a hearty type, I have tried to make this hearty dip with eggplant and feta! Especially on Saturday evening, I like a richly laid table and my little family around me! Nothing is more sociable than sitting together at the table, having … Eggplant and feta cheese dip weiterlesen

Focaccia with herbs - Delicious Italian flatbread - vegan

Focaccia with herbs vegan – delicious Italian flatbread

Deutsch Italiano It has crept in with us a little habit on the weekend! In addition to Pizza Friday, we like finger food on Saturday evening. We love that very much and I try to make light and delicious things as well. This time I made delicious focaccia. Focaccia is an Italian flatbread! In Naples, the focaccia is made from the pizza dough! The recipe … Focaccia with herbs vegan – delicious Italian flatbread weiterlesen

Vegane Zucchini-Frittata - Einfach, lecker und leicht!

Vegan zucchini frittata

Deutsch Italiano I love frittata! Yes, that’s the Italian word for a sort of hearty pancakes. In my kitchen, there is Frittata at least once a week and is an integral part of my weekly plan. You can really make a frittata with so many delicious vegetables! But you can make frittata without eggs too! Oh yes, with chickpea flour! Here I show you how … Vegan zucchini frittata weiterlesen