Meatloaf full of colour - an easy, delicious dish for your family.

Meatloaf – full of colour

Deutsch Italiano Meatloaf is a traditional and simple dish that you can find in many families. And you also find the most diverse preparations. I love to prepare meatloaf in the oven. This time I’ve prepared a meatloaf full of colour, almost filled with vegetables and cheese. This meatloaf is light and juicy and fits perfectly for healthy cooking. I used here reduced-fat mixed minced … Meatloaf – full of colour weiterlesen

Frittata with potatoes and bell peppers! Easy recipe, vegetarian

Frittata with potatoes and bell peppers

Deutsch Italiano Here I have for you a delicious and easy recipe for a tasty frittata! I love those simple dishes for every day, which you can change them as you like. The best thing about those dishes is that you don’t need a lot of time of preparation. This is a perfect choice for a healthy dinner for the whole family! This frittata with … Frittata with potatoes and bell peppers weiterlesen

Baked beans pan - A hearty quick dish for every day! Low-fat and high-protein.

Baked beans pan

Deutsch Italiano You certainly know baked beans, isn’t it? And with certainty, you know the variant that you buy in tins. For sure, you can certainly take it. But this time, I thought to make a homemade version. Since I have enough Borlotti beans, which my mom gave me on my summer vacation, I’ve considered, so not only to make stews, such as the Borlotti … Baked beans pan weiterlesen

Chicken one-pot with bell peppers - Low-carb, low-fat and high-protein dish! Easy recipe!

Chicken one-pot with bell peppers

Deutsch Italiano This week I finally managed to edit a recipe from my meal plan from a week ago. This chicken one-pot with bell peppers or just Pollo ai peperoni is a dish that I know from my childhood and which I still love to make for my family! Chicken braised in a light tomato sauce with bell peppers. It smells so wonderful and it … Chicken one-pot with bell peppers weiterlesen