Vegetable fritters - vegan! Delicious and healthy choice, perfect for weeknight dinner and #mealprep solution. Nutrition facts per serving (1 fritter): 75 kcal, 3 g fat, 7 g carbohydrates, 4 g protein

Vegetable fritters vegan

Rezept in Deutsch – bitte hier dem Link folgen – One of our dinners last week were fritters. Without potatoes and without eggs. Is that possible? Yes, that works! I simply replaced the potatoes with vegetables, which I still had in the freezer and simply replaced the egg with chickpea flour! And these delicious vegetable fritters have already got vegan! With this recipe you get … Vegetable fritters vegan weiterlesen

Cauliflower fritters - a delicious and healthy vegetarian choice!

Cauliflower fritters – a healthy vegetarian choice

Rezept in Deutsch – bitte dem Link folgen – Here’s a delicious recipe for fritters! We love fritters and this one is quite a light version of it! I’ve used cauliflower florets! It works with the frozen cauliflower florets as well and therefore this dish is really quite easy to make. So give it a try! Cauliflower fritters Ingredients for about 10 servings (66 kcal … Cauliflower fritters – a healthy vegetarian choice weiterlesen