Lasagna with red lentils - an easy, delicious and vegetarian alternative to the traditional Lasagna!

Lasagna with red lentils

Deutsch Italiano It’s Sunday and time for a new recipe from my kitchen! Today, according to my meal plans, I have a delicious lasagna for you! I love lasagna and not just the traditional lasagna with meat ragout! Also, the vegetarian alternative with a ragout of red lentils can be seen in any case and is just as delicious! Of course, I’ve made a few … Lasagna with red lentils weiterlesen

Potato casserole mediterranean - A perfect weeknight dinner for the family with only a few ingredients!

Potato casserole Mediterranean with aubergine and zucchini

Deutsch Italiano The week is coming again to an end! And today it’s time for a recipe from my weekly meal plan 2! Did I mention that I love casseroles and dishes from the oven? If you sting through my weekly meal plans, you will soon realize that casseroles are always there. Casseroles are so versatile and also perfect for recycling individual ingredients that are … Potato casserole Mediterranean with aubergine and zucchini weiterlesen