Vegetable fritters - vegan! Delicious and healthy choice, perfect for weeknight dinner and #mealprep solution. Nutrition facts per serving (1 fritter): 75 kcal, 3 g fat, 7 g carbohydrates, 4 g protein

Vegetable fritters vegan

Rezept in Deutsch – bitte hier dem Link folgen – One of our dinners last week were fritters. Without potatoes and without eggs. Is that possible? Yes, that works! I simply replaced the potatoes with vegetables, which I still had in the freezer and simply replaced the egg with chickpea flour! And these delicious vegetable fritters have already got vegan! With this recipe you get … Vegetable fritters vegan weiterlesen

White Beans Pot - Delicious and light stew for cold winter dinner!

White beans pot – delicious and light for a winter dinner

Rezept in Deutsch – bitte dem Link folgen – We love soups and stews and especially in winter is this a great choice. I usually always make a big pot so that I can freeze portions or just serve the other day again, for example with chicken kassler or poultry wiener! Otherwise, this simple stew tastes even in the vegetarian version! White beans pot Ingredients … White beans pot – delicious and light for a winter dinner weiterlesen